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Joyce Crowley has been a professional artist for 57 years, with training in oil and watercolor. She has spent the last 46 years developing and refining the medium of Sculptured Painting. As a self-taught sculptor with her own media, many of the usual restraints were removed. All skills of drawing, sculpting and painting are combined in this unique art form. The slow layering process using acrylics and sand creates a bas-relief sculpture presenting a three-dimensional illusion when side – lighted.

Her work, whether bold abstract, contemporary flowing designs, Southwestern designs, or her specialty of life sized wildlife wall sculptures, is always pragmatic. The dramatic birds of prey could not be contained in a frame – thus the out-of-frame concept. This concept is also used in Joyce's contemporary designs. Whatever the subject, the emphasis is always on feeling, movement, and good design.

The surface interest, combining sculpture and soft earth tones, is a feast for the senses. The creative designs command attention. The tactile durability and craftsmanship command respect.

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